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Get the ENTIRE Falling for You trilogy in one gorgeous paperback signed by me!


He’s older, hotter than the devil himself, and completely off limits to me. 

The moment I saw Garth Walker step into my college classroom, I knew he was trouble. With his dark hair, towering figure, and brooding eyes, he was exactly what I needed to stay away from.


For one, I had a boyfriend. Connor was everything a girl like me was supposed to want.

And I changed my whole life to have him. Connor? Not so much.

But I was staying on the path I laid out for myself.

We were planning on going to medical school together. The next step in us building the perfect life together.

But Garth Walker had a way of showing up every time Connor didn’t. And when Connor committed the ultimate betrayal, Garth was there to pick up the pieces.

Showing me that I was missing out on more than just having a loyal boyfriend, Garth opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of the word pleasure.

Signed Copy of the Falling for You Omnibus

  • There is no refund for signed copies. 

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