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My parents would lose their minds if they found out their precious daughter lost her virginity to the town’s notorious bad boy and ex-convict. 


Ranger Adams might have been a dangerous pariah after he was released from prison, but he was the only man I wanted. And after I convinced him to take me on a date, I got exactly what my body…and heart desired. 


I spent my entire life trying to get away from my parents’ overbearing grasp. They’ve tried to control every part of my life, even down to the man I was supposed to marry. That was the price of being born into one of the South’s richest families. 


The second I had a chance to move out, I did. Countless years of defiance and making my dreams come true was worth the sacrifice. No fun. No relationships. And no sex. 


My life had been all work until Ranger came back into town. Everyone whispered about what he’d done to land in prison. But I didn’t care. 


He was rough around the edges, wild, and free. 


And I wanted every bit of what he was willing to give me. 



Signed Copy of If You Loved Me

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