Choose Your Vice

As a reader, I venture through a ton of different romance sub-genres. And as an author, I want to provide that same kind of experience for my readers. Though I am just starting out, I have countless ideas in a wide range of sub-genres of romance, including new adult/college, motor cycle club, small-town, erotica, billionaire, and more. I hope to continue bringing my readers a variety of books to choose from for whatever your mood is. Enjoy!


Falling for You

The Falling for You series is a new adult, age-gap romance series that follows the same couple over three books. Themes include self-discovery, true love, passion, and sensuality.

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Pebble Brook Falls


The Pebble Brook Falls series is a small-town romance series that will encompass stand-alone novels (different couple per book), but there will be threads of suspense and mystery throughout the entire series.